Are you using Positive Affirmations ? By A.D.Mohla.

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Affirmations are positive statements for describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. For ensuring the effectiveness of the Affirmations, it should be repeated with attention, conviction, faith and desire.

Our subconscious mind accepts as true what we keep saying, and eventually attracts corresponding events and situations into our life, irrespective whether they are good or bad for us, so we have to choose only positive affirmations.

Instead of occupying our mind with useless or negative thinking, we have to repeat positive affirmations at any time during the day. Immediately after waking up and before falling asleep are two very appropriate times, as at these times it is easier to get to the subconscious mind.

We are what we think we are. Therefore, we have to deposit only positive thoughts in our memory bank and withdraw only positive thoughts from our memory bank. Positive Affirmations is really a first step in this direction.

It is advisable to keep our affirmations in the present tense, short, easy to remember and of-course positive.

My sets of positive affirmations are as under:-

1. It’s all happening perfectly.

2. All is well.

3. Whatever happens, I’ll handle it.

4. I’m healthy, wealthy and confident.

5. I’m successful.

6. I’m Lucky (Luck always favours me).

7. I’m full of energy, love & happiness.

8. By day and by night, I’m being prospered in all my ways.

9. I’m attracting success, love, happiness and wealth.

10. I focus on my many blessings.


Start believing in yourself, the world will automatically believe you.

For some “Start Believing in yourself, the world will automatically believe you” may be a slogan or some motivational quote. But for me, it is my life. It is my life-support system. I’m practically living every moment of my life with this mantra.


Self-Believing is the first step to achieve any kind of success. If someone has abilities, capabilities, knowledge and intelligence, but he/she is not sure about that (forget about believing part), it would be difficult for that person to achieve higher success.

Every country is flooded with the intelligent and highly qualified person but surprisingly facing problems on every front (whether it is lower productivity, profitability, creativity etc) Why? For me, the simple reason is acute shortage of Self-Believer’s. Therefore, I’m always giving so much emphasis on “Self-believing” which means belief in our own belief system, faith, abilities, capabilities, knowledge, intelligence, God, faith and prayer.

I want to just clarify at this point, that to achieve higher success, self-believing must be supplemented by Dedication, Persistence, Faith and prayer. I’m not mentioning here abilities, capabilities, knowledge, and intelligence because Self-believing is only possible if you have all these ingredients.

How can anyone achieve that state of mind (Start believing in yourself, the world will automatically believe you)? By always entertaining positive thoughts in mind and with dedication, persistence, faith and prayer, anyone can achieve that state of mind.


Are you facing the rough patch of your life?.

I’m always wondering why we are calling our difficult period as a rough patch (or lean phase). Just because we are facing numerous challenges, obstacles and troubles in those period. It is not fair.


I strongly feel that rough patch (or lean phase) teaches us a lot. In fact, so many qualities of our character is testified and in fact strengthened during this period. We can easily see who is our real friend or real well-wisher. We can strengthen our faith, patience in this period.

Trouble-free or obstacle free life in fact is a mirage. Rough patch give us time for self-introspection where we can easily see our pressure points, our weak-areas and can do wonders/miracles. It is true that new businesses, new entrepreneurs are taking birth/shape in this period. Rough patch is giving us much needed break or rest (physical/mental) which our body/mind/soul is asking us from quite some time. In fact, character of any person is shaped, moulded during the so-called rough patch.

I’m always treating this rough patch as a period for self-introspection, SWOT analysis and finding answers to so many soul-searching questions. Sometime, I’m treating this just as a speed breaker which is very much required for avoiding any major accident.

Are you facing the rough patch of your life? Don’t worry. This rough patch will ultimately give you a lot, if you are willing to accept this phase as a learning phase.