Are you facing the rough patch of your life?.

I’m always wondering why we are calling our difficult period as a rough patch (or lean phase). Just because we are facing numerous challenges, obstacles and troubles in those period. It is not fair.


I strongly feel that rough patch (or lean phase) teaches us a lot. In fact, so many qualities of our character is testified and in fact strengthened during this period. We can easily see who is our real friend or real well-wisher. We can strengthen our faith, patience in this period.

Trouble-free or obstacle free life in fact is a mirage. Rough patch give us time for self-introspection where we can easily see our pressure points, our weak-areas and can do wonders/miracles. It is true that new businesses, new entrepreneurs are taking birth/shape in this period. Rough patch is giving us much needed break or rest (physical/mental) which our body/mind/soul is asking us from quite some time. In fact, character of any person is shaped, moulded during the so-called rough patch.

I’m always treating this rough patch as a period for self-introspection, SWOT analysis and finding answers to so many soul-searching questions. Sometime, I’m treating this just as a speed breaker which is very much required for avoiding any major accident.

Are you facing the rough patch of your life? Don’t worry. This rough patch will ultimately give you a lot, if you are willing to accept this phase as a learning phase.


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